Netting / Knitted Products

We assist your business by turning your good idea into a product ready for market. If your product requires rashel knitted construction, we will help relieve you of many of the aggravations inherent in the manufacturing process.

In our knitting department, we produce, daily, a variety of netting and fabric for use in:

Our knitting capacity is over 4,000,000 yards per year. We specialize in short and medium production runs and knit fabrics up to 170 inches wide. With over forty years experience in warp knitting, we are specialists in all types of monofilament and multifilament yarns. We produce small, individual packages or large master rolls for secondary processing operations, all within spec and, at a cost you will appreciate.

The engineering staff will duplicate your specifications, fine tune your prototype samples or design your fabric from scratch. The choice is yours. We can even produce working samples to get you started on product and market development. To arrange an appointment or have a confidential discussion about your project, call us at 973-680-1616.