Oil/Chemical Pond Netting

Cissel's TORON Netting-

The Cost Effective Solution To Your Pit & Tank Protection Needs

Cissel's 100% Polypropylene Netting creates a physical barrier - "the only sure solution to the oil pit protection problem"


For decades, Cissel's TORON Netting had been protecting birds and wildlife from oil pits - and oil companies from costly fines. Our 100% polypropylene netting is durable, and easy to install, and extremely economical. Unlike other means of pit protection, TORON polypropylene netting creates an impenetrable physical barrier to birds and wildlife, making all other methods virtually obsolete. The Department of the Interior U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been so impressed with its results, it has declared polypropylene netting to be "the only sure solution to the oil pit protection problem."

For over 45 years, J. A. Cissel Manufacturing Company has been producing superior, high-quality netting for various industries. In fact, over 23 million square feet of Cissel Netting is presently being used to cover oil pits.

Why risk going with an imposter? Choose the field-proven original - Cissel's TORON Polypropylene Netting.