Shade Products

Our shade fabric is designed to provide long lasting protection against the heat and light from the sun.  Ideal for greenhouse owners  and other growers of nursery stock, the proper use of shade cloth can help maximize the return on your product.  It can also provide comfort and protection for people, pets, and livestock.



Simple to install, our shade cloth is made from the highest grade of UV stabilized, high density, monofilament olefin yarn.  Since it’s knitted construction guarantees against unraveling, it can be cut to size on site, eliminating the need to wait for custom fabrication.  It’s heavy duty edges requires no grommets, you can attach it directly to your structure using zip-ties, hog rings, lacing twine, or staples..


Standard Sizes :

Item #` Size Shipping Weight %       



12 x 300 118 lbs. 60% Black


Custom Sizes Also Available. Shade Available in 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% Black and 40% White.